on the menu: homemade caramel latte

IMG_2249-modI ♥ caramel lattes.



on the menu: gin tonic with cardamom, mint, lime

Guerlain Homme, gin tonic

Guerlain Homme, gin tonic

Guerlain Homme was one of the first fragrances I got myself. It smelled fresh and good, and I later learned that what smelled fresh was mint, and what smelled good, was vetiver.

Perfumer Thierry Wasser explains that his inspiration was, in part, the mojito, and it isn’t far off. It smells like…a manly mojito. I was wearing it today and so started craving mint. Not wanting a mojito, quite, I made my own thing: a gin tonic with cardamom, mint, and lime.

Beefeater 24, Fever Tree tonic water, cardamom pods

Beefeater 24 gin, Fever-Tree tonic water, cardamom pods

gin tonic

gin tonic