maybe…this: baseball cap

I like the simple silhouette of this Madewell Biltmore baseball cap. I think the classic, curved bill can be so flattering, especially paired with something ultra feminine (say, pearls), but have had a hard time finding a hat basic and simple enough (no embellishments, clean lines, good quality fabric), yet in a compelling color.

[Yes, I find all shades of cream and white and ‘stone’ compelling. I also like vanilla bean ice cream best. What.]

I also need it to be adjustable so as to have an escape route for my hair.

I keep hinting at guy friends to give me an old one, so it will be all awesomely broken in and frayed at the edge of the bill (in a manner it would take me so long to achieve myself, authentically), but no hat has been forthcoming.


This might be the one…


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