playtime: blue lips

OCC lip tar in Butch

OCC lip tar in Butch

It’s cold and snowy here. What could be more fitting than blue lips?

Possibly…blue lips with finely milled glitter atop and a blue-violet gradient?


OCC lip tar in Butch, Avon ultra luxury liner in deep plum, Splash glitter

In black & white you would never know…

I didn't intend to have my face in any of these shots, but then this.

Oh, hello color. Did I scare you? [Probably]

I do like these OCC lip tars. A little laborious to apply, as lip brush definitely required, but good opacity and pigmentation.This particular color is discontinued but there is still a great color range. I have this whole plan to have a true red, an orange, a pink, and a blue, such that I can mix orange, rose, and blue-based reds at will. Comme une artiste.

Too tempting not to fiddle around with exposure and color levels here. I am not quite any of these colors [though neither am I one color, and such things are always a matter of light].


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